Friday, November 21, 2014

The Project House...The Kitchen

The kitchen was, by far, the dirtiest room in the entire Project House...

You walk through the living room and dining room into the kitchen.  The open 10-pane glass door leads out to the back porch which will soon have a brand new landry room and half bathroom!

Those air fresheners on the counter weren't doing a THING to help the smell in the house.  Nice try, previous owners.

The kitchen has linoleum floors which will be replaced with tile.  The house had also settled a few inches in the back so there was a pretty steep slope to the kitchen floor.  We have already had a structural engineering company come out and jack up the house with concrete pads and posts which has totally corrected the settling, for a surprisingly small amount of money.  It looks great!

Other than being dirty, the cabinets are in good condition.  A coat of white paint will freshen them right up!  You all know how much I love white kitchens! It's hard to tell from this angle, but the cabinet above the stove is set about 4 inches higher than the rest of the cabinets.  My plan is to move the rest of the cabinets up to give the new owners more space and to make good use of the tall ceilings!

The layout of the kitchen is a little odd right now, with the stove just hanging out in space with only one cabinet flanking it.  I have plans to remove the cabinet from the eat in dining area below and having it retrofitted to the spot next to the stove.  This will allow the kitchen to have a true L-shape of counter space.  I love black counters in a white kitchen, but I might go with something a little lighter in this kitchen.

There is a little bump out next to the fridge which is an old flue that was built around.  We will take those cabinets out and leave the area open.  I can imagine a sweet china cabinet or hutch in that little nook!  Open shelving would also look awesome.

Here are a few inspiration picture for you...

Original source unknown

Next up are the bedrooms...

There are great things happening at The Project House!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Project House...Living Room and Dining Room

Our Project House was built in the 1920s and is a craftsman-style house.  It has beautiful hardwood floors that will be refinished, original 12-inch baseboard molding and amazing original windows.  You just have to look past the dirt, grime, bugs, and ignore the smell to "see" the beauty...

Scott's parents purchased this house for a STEAL considering the great shape it is in for an old house!  It needs updated (cosmetically) on virtually every surface of the house, but the structure and bones are amazing.  We are totally updating each room with newly refinished floors, paint, and light fixtures.  Most rooms just need some "make up".

You walk into the house into a little entry area that I think would be the perfect place for a china cabinet or other display piece.   The floors are pretty badly stained in here, but a good sanding and fresh coat of stain will bring them back to their original glory.   I am on a search for a new lantern to hang in this space.

The stairs are to your left and to your right is the rest of the house.

The living room has tons of natural light and now has central air!  Bye bye, window unit!  The dusty, non-working fan has also been taken down.

The living room is separated from the dining room by these fantastic columns and molding.  I LOVE that these are still intact in this house!  With a fresh coat of paint, they will be gorgeous.

I will show you the kitchen, master bedroom and master bath early next week!  Such exciting things in store for this sorely neglected house.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Introducing The Project House...

Introducing "The Project House"....

It's a 1920s Craftsman-style house that has the potential to be's just not that gorgeous right now.  It has been neglected for a few years but will be better than ever in no time.  I will  show you more "before" pictures next week but wanted to start with this back porch.

This is the back entry to the house with concrete floors, an old sink, washer and dryer hook ups, a shower (!) and water heater.  We are removing the shower and adding a toilet and vanity, which will be a huge addition to he house. Currently, the only bathroom on the main floor is in the master bedroom, so this will be a great bathroom for guests.  We're adding a wall to actually make a laundry room with an included bathroom.

Here is a "during" picture:

The shower has been removed and sink have been removed and some of the new subfloor has been added!

I will leave you with a few of our inspiration pictures for the back porch/mudroom side.

Check back next week for all of the "before" photos and the story behind the Project House!
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